Copenhagen North

Yesterday we went on a field study (which is the “grown-up” term for a field trip) to North Copenhagen. I took almost 500 pictures, I won’t subject you to all of them, but here are a few:

Bagsværd Church – Jørn Utzon

The ceiling is Utzon’s interpretation of clouds rolling in from the harbor over the city, and the way it brings light into the sanctuary is beautiful.

Paustian Furniture Showroom – Jørn Utzon

Trudeslund Co-Housing – Vandkunsten

Trudeslund Co-Housing – Vandkunsten

This housing project has 33 homes that form an L-shaped neighborhood. The families share the responsibilities of the community and help to cook the dinner that is offered every night. We met an American woman who moved to Denmark when she was 8 and now lives in this community and loves it.

The next pictures are from the Louisiana Museum:

An interactive wall of light that fades as the user stops moving.

A model of BIG’s new housing project in New York.

So many models!

There was a room with mirrors covering the walls and the ceilings and a small platform surrounded by water for the floor. The lights were little balls hung at varying levels that changed colors. This was the coolest room I’ve ever been in.

…So I decided to play with the exposure time

That’s it for now, I’m off to Sweden and Finland for a week starting Saturday, I’m sure I’ll have lots to post when I get back.



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