First Week

Things have been a whirlwind since I got to Copenhagen, so I haven’t had a chance to post yet. However, I made it! (Though I can’t say the same for the woman sitting next to me on the flight, who was arrested mid-flight…) The first week has been full of classes, exploring the city, fighting jet lag and learning to say my street name, spelled Tåsingegade, rhymes with nightingale. The first day here, we went on a boat tour of the harbor, which is lined with many incredible new buildings. Here are a few:

Royal Danish Playhouse – Lundgaard & Tranberg

Fun fact: The reason the deck is so high above the water level is in anticipation of rising water levels as a result of global warming.

Torpedo Boat Hall – Tegnestuen Vandkunsten

As the name suggests, this is a restored torpedo hall turned into apartments.

Don’t know the name/architect here, but these were warehouses, turned into modern offices.

Copenhagen Opera House – Henning Larsen

Nordea – Henning Larsen

Royal Danish Library (“The Black Diamond”) – Schmidt Hammer Lassen

Copenhagen Harbor Bath – PLOT (BIG + JDS)

SEB Headquarters – Lundgaard & Tranberg

While the photos make it looks like the weather here has been sunny and beautiful, yesterday there was some pretty bad flooding, it rained 6 inches yesterday alone! This video shows what it looked like yesterday:

I think that’s all for today, I promise I’ll update more frequently now that I’m settled in!



One thought on “First Week

  1. Hey Kate – I lived on Tåsingegade when I was in Copenhagen for the summer! Despite learning the proper pronunciation to tell the natives, I much prefer saying TA-SING-GAY-GOD. Don’t let them change you…but seriously have fun!

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